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Soft Orthotic | Prefabricated Orthotic by Interpod


Create an impact. By reducing it.

The ultimate combination of orthotic support made with superior shock absorbing materials. The materials polyurethane and Poron are the secret to Interpod’s shock attenuation. Ideal for sports people, the young and the elderly.

See below for available sizing.

Soft Orthotics Sizing

Interpod Sizing Chart for Soft Orthotic products.

Results. Keep your patients active

High impact sports are made easier using the Interpod Soft range. Whether it’s running extra miles or activities on hard surfaces the Soft range will provide the added cushioning with support. Perfect fit for the young, the sports person and the elderly- anyone looking for extra comfort in otherwise in their footwear.


Stand, walk or run free. 3mm thick Open Cell Medical Grade – PORON® 96 – and the polyurethane base will protect your feet from repetitive impacts


The arch contour of the Soft is similar to the Flex so the comfortable design is common between
the Interpod product range. Added support under the heel and arch fills and pads the arch increasing comfort and cushioning.

The Soft range can fit into all types of shoes and footwear- dress, sport or work boots. Soft accommodating polyurethane provides the ultimate impact protection.

The choice of one of three levels of support allow the practitioner to treat patients immediately and effectively with a known and pre-determined level of support.

Interpod uses only premium materials

Prolonged standing or activity on hard surfaces can lead to symptoms and overuse injuries. Repetitive injuries plague many athletes.

The Soft orthotic allows for increased training and for the average person to enjoy activity without tired aching muscles. The Long Soft range available in three arch heights or the ¾ length range for tighter fitting shoes and the Slimfit orthotic means patients have added cushioning in all shoe types for all activities.

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