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Modular Orthotic | Prefabricated orthotic by Interpod


All in One.

Three interchangeable arch inserts: low, moderate and high. Choose the level of support depending on the supination resistance measurement or the type of footwear the patient wears. Ideal as a pre- custom orthotic.

See available sizes in the chart below

Modular Orthotic Sizing

Interpod Sizing Chart for Orthotic Top Covers.



The Modular allows the choice between three different level of support all in the same pack. Three interchangeable arch inserts, low, moderate or high, allows the practitioner to choose the level of support depending on the supination resistance reading and also the type of footwear the patient wears. For the patient with various shoe types they can interchange the arch inserts at their leisure depending on the footwear they choose to wear each day. Functional, diverse with multi fit options.


Arch Inserts
The arch inserts simply click into place. Changing support made simple, fast and effective.

Fit to the Shoe
Choose one of three arch inserts to maximise support and comfort in a specific show style.

The EVA base makes easy work of glueing any additions. Grinding or heat moulding are easily done to customise the Modular.

Unique, innovative design.

There’s no glue, no plastic bits. Simply press the correct arch insert into place.


The Modular is made from EVA -ethylene and vinyl acetate. It’s an elastic type material with excellent toughness allowing for heat moulding, grinding and the ease of adding additions.

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