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Keystone | Supination Resistance Measuring Device


Simplify prescription objectively

A supination resistance measuring device used to determine the minimal effective level of orthotic support needed to reduce patient symptoms.

Determining the minimal level of orthotic support is key to successful outcomes. Reduce symptoms, increase patient comfort with minimal intervention by prescribing the lowest level of support.

Remove the guess work

Visual Assessment- using the Foot Posture Index, and checking for ‘overpronation’ are not indicative of injury causing factors. Forces, loads and stress placed upon tissues are the current accepted parameters to be assessed when prescribing orthotics.

Objective Practice

Measure before you prescribe. Using the Keystone provides objective readings. Use these readings to determine the level of orthotic support required to remove patient symptoms.

Keep your patients wearing orthotics in all shoes

Using the right amount of support means patients can wear stylish shoes, in comfort.

Use technology to communicate with others

Compare results, discuss patients with other practitioners using objective measurements.


The amount of force required to supinate the foot is weakly related to how pronated it is.

The amount of force required to supinate the foot is highly correlated to the subtalar joint axis position.

Body weight explains about a third of the force required to supinate the foot.

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