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Flex Orthotic | Prefabricated Orthotic by Interpod


Comfort with superior support.

By integrating and blending rearfoot inversion into midfoot arch support a perfect balance between functional parameters such as symptom relief, patient comfort, orthotic tolerance and fit to the shoe is achieved.


  • Available in three levels of support
  • Treats supination resistance ranges from Low, Moderate and High
  • Shank independent
  • Made from superior flexible Polypropylene
  • Slim fitting
  • Comfortable profile
  • Extremely durable
  • Full length self-adhesive EVA top covers
  • Rearfoot wedge
  • Cuboid notch
  • Plantar Fascial Groove

See available sizes in the chart below.

Flex Orthotic Sizing

4° arch
6° arch
Heal Cup
6° arch
8° arch

Save time

Lengthy prescription and manufacturing processors are eliminated. The Flex is a custom style orthotic ready for immediate prescription. Optional self-adhesive covers are readily applied. The sleek design fits into most shoe types.

Flexible Polypropylene shell

An ideal firm but flexible orthotic providing direct support while allowing some foot movement. A treatment option giving excellent results without compromising comfort. The lightweight shell avoids absorbing any moisture and is extremely durable. Additions can be easily applied.

Caring for your patient

Prescribe the minimal amount of support necessary to reduce symptoms by choosing between three arch heights for customised support. This removes the requirement to use stick on adjustments. Patients respond positively and comply to wearing this comfortable, easy to fit orthotic.

Challenging conventional thinking and production

Made from injection moulded manufacturing. A superior product that eliminates manufacturing errors  associated with  other orthotic types like plastercast, 3D or CNC. Prescription and treatment are immediate, saving you and your patient time.

Independent research concluded

There is no difference between custom-made foot orthoses and Interpod prefabricated foot orthoses for patient comfort and fit to footwear. The Interpod Flex required no adjustments.

Removable Self-adhesive Top Covers

Keep your patient orthotic looking clean, fresh and new

The easiest orthotic top cover to replace. They are cost effective and easy to use. No glue or tools required. Simply peel the old cover from the shell and replace it with a new clean cover.

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