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Simplify prescription objectively.

Not all feet are the same. People require individual levels of support. The Keystone determines orthotic arch height. Communicate your results with the patient and with other professionals

Keystone, by Interpod: A supination resistance measuring device for podiatrists
Interpod's Flex Orthotic: The closest alternative to a custom style orthotic.


Research meets innovation.

Interpod’s most effective orthotic for decreasing excessive loads on tissues while maintaining patient comfort and footwear choice. Sleek and flexible. Easy to use. The durability  is unmatched. Ultimate support for all shoe types and activities.


Create an impact. By reducing it.

The ultimate combination of orthotic support made with superior shock absorbing materials. The materials polyurethane and Poron are the secret to Interpod’s shock attenuation. Ideal for sports people, the young and the elderly.

Interpod Soft Orthotic: long with moderate, 6 degree, arch height.
Modular Orthotic by Interpod. Includes three interchangeable arch inserts: low, moderate and high


All in One.

Three interchangeable arch inserts: low, moderate and high. Choose the level of support depending on the supination resistance measurement or the type of footwear the patient wears. Ideal as a pre- custom orthotic.


More with less.

For dress, business and tight fitting footwear.

Interpod's Slimtech Orthotic: A slim hook shape insert for dress and business shoes.
Support Socks: Interpod's anatomically designed Sports sock in black.


We make feet better with our socks.

Protect your patients feet from blisters, bacteria and fungi.
Improve their wellbeing
Interpod socks are shaped for the left and right foot.


Comfortable. Durable. Time efficient.

Replaceable top covers for the Flex range. Full length and ¾ length 2mm EVA with self-adhesive

Interpod Top Cover for Orthotics: Keep your orthotics fresh and clean.
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